Bret C. Crumpton, D.O. | President's Letter

Bret C. Crumpton, M.D.


Happy New Year!

If you are like me, 2021 could not have come any faster. We are all glad to have 2020 in our review mirrors. Between the beginning expectations of “The year of great vision” and growing our MCMS with increasing membership and service to our community, COVID-19 hits: de-railing the world with massive sickness and death, restrictions, economic shut downs and bringing countless “new normal” of physically distancing and face coverings. Practicing medicine with new systems in place after many of us had to shut down our offices, furlough employees, form new social pods and restrict travel and contact with family and friends, previously able to see without limitations or constraints.

But we made it through! Two new mRNA vaccines, one currently available (as of this writing) and the other thought to be FDA approved any day now (with more in development and clinical trials). These novel vaccines were cultivated in record time with collaboration between government, medicine and industry. New viral medications as well as repurposing old medications for treatment of COVID-19  (I-MASK+, I-MATH+) became available as physicians and researchers worldwide banded together to flight back and save lives developing new treatment protocols and algorithms.

The future for 2021 certainly looks brighter than 2020. Thank you to our Officers and Executive Committee, Events Planning Committee, for pivoting through ZOOM meetings and flexibility as we cancelled, changed and postponed our previous MCMS schedule. Thank you also to our Executive Office Team of Dan Walton, Stacie Johnson, who have been an ever helpful resource and source of stability, persevering through their own personal life challenges, to continue keep all our MCMS plates spinning with grace and care. Thank you also to you, our faithful MCMS members, with your continued financial support of our society to sustain us for a brighter future through these challenging times.

It remains my pleasure to serve, albeit currently as your “virtual MCMS President” and I look forward to the day when we can meet again in person. We have postponed our Annual Epic Wine Social to the Spring or Fall when social gathering safety guidelines improves.

May your New Year be filled with good health, peace and prosperity for you and yours!

Bret C. Crumpton, D.O.

President MCMS