Bret C. Crumpton, D.O. | President's Letter

Bret C. Crumpton, M.D.

Thank you to everyone that helped make our MCMS event at Epic a huge success! 85 participants enjoyed good food, beverages, stimulating conversations with familiar colleagues and maybe we met and welcomed a few new ones as well. Thanks also to our sponsors. Truist Financial Corporation (the new combined SunTrust and BB&T) and MagMutual Insurance Co. We all appreciated having Dr. Andrew Reisman, our new Medical Association of Georgia President, attend our event. Recently, I heard a talk about winning. The main point or challenge to the audience asked the question, what is a win for you ….in the different arenas in our lives? What does a win look like; professionally, with our spouse, our children, or our family and other relationships? We were encouraged to define this win. If we do not, we may adopt somebody else’s.

Applying this question to our MCMS; what does a win look like for us? A society with increased membership, fully awake and engaged in our local community and broader state medical concerns? A strong, diverse, physician society, united with one purpose; to advance medical practice for our doctor membership and our patients?

How are we doing with our 2020 Challenge? Have you invited one physician who is not yet a member of MCMS to join or rejoin again? 

With your expanded action, we can continue to grow and provide an opportunity for physicians to enlarge relationships in a non-working environment along with our spouses and families. We wish to be united as a physician community to lead in shaping the future changes and challenges in the practice of medicine.

Hope to see everyone at our next family friendly event. The Columbus River Dragons Hockey Game at the Columbus Civic Center, Saturday, March 7th. Puck drops at 6:05 P.M