The Muscogee County Medical Society was established in 1905 in order to create a central location for physicians to meet and discuss their philosophies and ideas. This unity provided a more powerful voice to the medical community as they were able to speak as a group instead of an individual.

In today’s society, the subjects have expanded as well as the voting authority given to each medical society. The Muscogee county medical society now represents eight delagates in the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG).

In 2019, the Muscogee County Medical Society has committed to creating a more powerful prescense both in the Medical Community and our community itself. Our vision includes providing our membership with technical resources via the internet as well as empowering our membership by creating sub committees in order to create a stronger message and membership.

We will also provide community support by providing a searchable index of physicians that will be maintained both by the Director as well as the individual practice. In essence providing physician referrals with technology in the forefront. As we all know, the internet has become the most powerful tool available to the consumer, who now has the ability to research in detail any product or service they are interested in.

We look forward to providing you the benefits you deserve.